The whole world knows Snow White.

- Coming soon as a symphonic rock opera!


The fairy tale tells of Snow White, the evil stepmother, the seven dwarves, the prince and finally the hoped-for happy ending. Who doesn't know the mirror's memorable answer to the Queen's request: "Lady Queen, you are the most beautiful here, but Snow White beyond the seven mountains, with the seven dwarves is a thousand times more beautiful than you!""

SnoWWhite is written as a musical stage play of a rock opera for the hearts of children, adults and all lovers of rock, classical- and hit-music.


Most vocal parts are accessible and composed in clean simplicity. Melodies quickly slip into the audience's ears; delighting young and old. Artists are free to individually vary, embellish and adorn their vocal parts.


Grand symphony, fused with pulsating rock sounds and memorable melodies that burst into hearts:

Truly a treat for the ears!

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  • MUSIC ART: Symphonic rock opera 

  • COMPOSERS: George Fleury, Raitis Grigalis, Andreas Xaver Schwarz

  • PRODUCER, LIBRETTIST, DIRECTOR: Andreas Xaver Schwarz 

  • PERIOD YEARS: 2017-2019 

  • LOCATION: Basel (CH) 

  • NUMBER OF ACTS: 2 acts / 34 scenes 


  • TRANSLATIONS: English, Russian, Chinese (2020) 

  • EDITOR: Team ROS