Ingo Anders


After studying in Düsseldorf, Munich and New York in 1986, my singing career took me to various theaters in Europe, Japan and Central and South America, including Hanover, Berlin, Dresden, Innsbruck, St.Gallen, Lucerne etc. My Repertoire includes roles in opera, operetta and musical. In addition to my career as a singer, I have directed operas, operettas and musicals, including in Buc / Versailles, Koblenz, Dresden, Müllheim etc. since 1995. At the moment I am engaged as a choir choir at the Stadttheater Basel and, in addition to the MGV Eiken, I also conduct the women's choir Buus. In the meantime I was a substitute in the boys 'choir and prepared soloists for the boys' choir for some theater performances. I have been a councilor in Eiken since 2016. My other tasks include the vice-presidency of the SSUDK (retraining Foundation, endowment)


In the team of the rock opera SnoWWhite I am responsible for the overall direction.