From the very first note on, the music of the symphonic rock opera snoWWhite captures the listener of young and old in its clarity and dramatic dynamics. Due to the symphonic orchestra, the rockband, soloists, the choir and the dance ensemble the compositions of George Fleury, Raitis Grigalis and Andreas Xaver Schwarz give the Grimm Brothers' fairytale snoWWhite a glittering and rousing image.


The birth of a fairytale and real rock opera!


SnoWWhite, created as a contemporary work from the music styles of classical music, rock music and pop, is unique in its kind as a representative of rock opera. The arias, duets, choruses and dances of this entertaining work are not only enchanting, they bring the story of childlike imagination to life on stage, in which they express love, suffering and malice with all their heights and depths in a fairytale that lets good triumph over evil.


"She deserves death! Fate is righteous!"


Amid the fairy-tale mood of fear and hope, an unexpected rescue by the seven dwarves, a jealous stepmother, driven by human envy and malicious cunning, Snow White finally escapes death and finds her longed-forprince.


"For as a prince I was born - for you alone!"


The vicious stepmother and her servant Diabolos, on the other hand, face their deserved punishment blazing in fire.




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